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“We have been absolutely delighted by this cruise

and still keep, today, an unforgettable souvenir […]

[…] we have slept outside on the deck

and our nights were like in a dream.”

They gave their feedbacks on Komodo Aventure

Terima Kasih to the amazing crew of Jinggo Janggo!

EAT, SNORKEL, SLEEP… Amazing program!
It was a fantastic trip with great discoveries:

  • The Komodo dragons
  • The Manta Rays
  • Many turtles
  • Eagle ray
  • Black tip shark
  • And all the colorful fishes of the corrals…

Bastian always had great ideas to find the right spot at the time of the day 🙂
Thanks to Redem for the great dishes, we loves the local recipes with fish, meat or vegetables! And the smoothies…
And thanks to the rest of the crew for always being very helpful and kind!

Even without diving, the trip was extraordinary. We will for sure recommend it to our friends and maybe come back in a few years from now once we have the PADI.

Audrey and Benoit

November 2014

feedbacks komodo

Fabulous cruise within Komodo archipelago, in an authentic wood boat, with a fabulous team members.

Captain has done very well in mooring the Jinggo Janggo in remote and quiet places.
We al enjoyed the food and appreciated very much the service and availability of all the crew.

Regarding the diving, Peter has been a great Dive Master leading me to discover a lot of this “paradise underwater”.

What great souvenirs to bring back home,[…] close observation of manta rays, evolving (very) close to us… unique and magic!

Peter took my son for a discovery dive which lasted more than 30 minutes, enough to see a lot, including a turtle… excellent for a first dive!

KOMODO AVENTURE, the Jinggo Janggo and all the crew members are a must… and we will promote both the destination and the team around us!

Christophe, Valérie Benjamin and Chloé from Bangkok

April 2015

Dear Crew

This has been a fantastic experience for the family: First time we stay on a boat, the concept is a Winning Formula.
You have been providing a Top Nutch service, always caring after the kids, and us.

“Redem”, the cook, has been incredible, very nice food, Indonesian style and some European favorites for the kids,
Captain “Kanis”, always mooring at the best place
“Anselme”, always caring after all the details to make us happy and safe
Finally, Bastian, a big thank you for everything.

We will recommend the crew and the Tour to our friends.

Loret Family, Singapour

April 2016

feedbacks komodo

Thanks for a beautiful trip and awesone food!
Loves the Mantas and Dragons.
This trip will be unforgettable for us! Terimah Kasih banya banya to all the crew!

Charline and Nate, From Houston, Texas

June 2016

This is our second cruise on Jinggo Janggo and we loved it so much!
The crew is amazing, take good care of all of us and especially of little Augustine (3 years old)!
Arthur (10 years old) and Victoire (8 years old) have been super happy to live on the boat for 5 days, snorkeling everyday among incredible fishes, hike on Padar Island and Gili Lawat, and also fish from the boat great fishes!
It was fun. We hope to be back a 3rd time!

Thank you to all the crew for such a great experience.

Alex, Cornelia, Arthur, Victoire and Augustine, From Singapour

August 2016

feedbacks komodo

Jinggo Janggo and the crew transported us around a trip off the time, off the common way.
This was a great and wonderful experience.
Thanks a lot for the professional attitude and kindness of the crew.
Perhaps, we will come back once again….

Bastian team = Dream Team !

Christine and Guy

October 2014

My dream was not to come here…
My dream is certainly to come back… one day… maybe…
It was a pure nature experience. What a beautiful country that MUST BE PRESERVED at any price.
I have seen new things, discovered incredible things… the sea-through water with any bleu colors… the hecking-Dragons…
I have learnt so much though your country.
Thank you for the kindness of the crew, the smiles and laugh… and the food was marvelous.

Clemence and Raphael, from KL

October 2014

feedbacks komodo

Terima Kasih Maya, François and the whole Jinggo Janggo crew.

We had a fabulous time thanks to you. We are so lucky to see so many animals above and under water: Dolphins, Turtles, Mantas (from the noat, during scuba-diving and while snorkeling), and the Komodo dragons (adults and babies) and the beautiful birds of Komodo.

Bastian, a special thanks to you for the amazing dives!
Redem, the great cook is also a wonderful baby-sitter, Pauline and Liv love you…
Ansel, what would we do without you? Always there to help us, drive us to the dive sites and to get things done…
Kanis, our Captain, you took us all around Komodo and thanks to you we discovered the amazing hilly landscapes (so green in April) of the archipelago…

Hope to see you all again!
Damien, Pauline (2.5 years old), Liv (6 months old) and Anne-Sophie, from KL

Wonderful week onboard the Jinggo Janggo thanks to the crew who made us discover mind blowing landscapes and adventure.
Swimming with the mantas was astonishing, and a discovery dive which is going to make me want to take the PADY exam very soon!!

Hope to see you soon, this time I promise I will dive and go and see the wonderful corals my sister and brother in law told me about.

Victor and Catherine

April 2015

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