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Komodo Cruise : 6 days and 5 nights

Departing on Saturdays from Labuan Bajo (Flores).
Returning on Thursdays back to Labuan Bajo.
However dates can be customised to suit you, depending on availability.
Our representative will pick you up at the Labuan Bajo airport, then you will jump onboard and set off to the park for a 6 day-cruise.

Family Diving or snorkeling

We advise you to come with your family; children will spend unforgettable moments aboard. Of course, the Komodo Park offers magnificent diving for divers:

  • In the North, the waters of the Flores sea (Pacific Ocean) are calm and hot. Visibility is often excellent, marine life is extensive and coral gardens sumptuous and safeguarded.
  • In the South, the Sumba sea (Indian Ocean) is fresher and deeper, stimulating the development of plankton and abundance of aquatic life: diversity is huge and it is not unusual to meet unusual endemic species delighting photographers along with tiny wonders lovers: pigmy seahorses, nudibranchs…

There are many diving sites not to be missed such as: Manta Point, Manta Rays cleaning station and Castle rock for its incredible submarine life, immerse yourself in the school of species of fish, sharks and trevally.

Our on board dive master (+ than 5,000 dives in Komodo) is also in charge of organizing your diving safari. He will guide you to discover the nicest depth of the Komodo National Park depending on your diving level and requirements. Diving equipment can be hired aboard.

A tailor-made cruise

Your Dive Master will also serve as a guide for the island tours. You will have the opportunity to visit native villages, see the Komodo Dragons of course and giant bats during the walks and treks on the islands of the National Park.

The organisation of the cruise and the choice of route will be according to your preferences and weather conditions.

Examples of cruises

Komodo diving safari

6 days / 5 nights of diving safari
Departure on Saturdays from mid March to November

Day 1

Upon our arrival at the Labuan Bajo airport (located at the western end of Flores), we will buy the «Conservation» tag in order to get into the Komodo national park. Then we will jump on board of the Jinggo Janggo, we will set off to the Sebayur Island, less than two hours from the continent. After boarding, a general presentation will be made to make you familiar with the vessel, the safety and the emergency procedures. A diving test will be done to check your material, weight adjustments and to get to know each other. We will spend the night in anchorage and will attempt our first night diving.

Day 2

We will sail to Gili Lawa Laut. This small island is located in the north of Komodo and offers such beautiful landscapes and it is the park nicest diving spot. This area offers a variety of divings, seamount and exciting channels. Extraordinary fauna can be seen: sea fans, magic soft and hard corals, pigmy seahorses, lionfish, threadfin bream, frogfish, Mandarin fish, glass catfish, angelfish, hippocampus, turtles, anchovies, coral trouts, small tunas, Jack Fish coming for food in this area. Three diving will be practiced here, including the “Crystal Rock”, famous for its breathtaking landscapes where we will go from surprise to surprise – whether it is a group of fish, of dizzying corals or even occasional sharks. Our staff will show you to a magnificent site on the hill at the end of the day, to take advantage of the sunset in the park.

tortue komodo

Day 3

On the third day, we plan an early morning diving in Castle Rock. It is submarine mound (top at 7m) several barracuda, Jack Fish (trevallies) you will see strange batfish and mackerels, parrot fish, small gorgonians. From time to time some Manta rays.., on this spectacular section, is considered to be the nicest sharks spot of the park. Sometimes, patrolling dolphins can be seen, moray eels, school of Jacks, eagle rays gliding in the light blue water. We intend to dive here four times; one of these done at night.

Day 4

On day four, the Jinggo Janggo will weigh anchor and head to the Tatawa island. Our first dive will be a drift dive on a beautiful reef where we can expect to spot turtles as well as humpback parrotfish. Our second dive will be in Batu Bolong which is considered to be the nicest spot of the park. Marine life around this little pinnacle is nothing but will take your breath with lots of fish activities like sharks, giant Jack fish, tunas and napoleons. The Karang Makassar reef is one of the nicest places to spot the Manta rays in the national park; divers are seldom disappointed, some had seen more than a forty huge specimens wandering in a ten-meter water. At the end of the day, the Jinggo Janggo will head south east to the northern tip of the Rinca island. After anchorage, we plan to practice night dive

Day 5

Our last dive will be practiced here, after having breakfast in the Tengah Kecil Island. It is a slope reef which embodies hard and soft corals, abundant sponges and a multitude of fish (fusiliers, rays, stonefish, jacks, lionfish, mantis shrimps), from small (clownfish, pigmy seahorses, shrimps, orang-utangs crabs, porcelain crabs, nudibranchs, ghost pipe fishes, sea fleas, gobies, blennies, star gazer, octopus). Along the reef top, hard corals provide housing to the huge clouds of anthias and fusiliers. After lunch, we will go ashore for a short hike in the Rinca Island and spot the famous dragons. Once back aboard, the Jinggo Janggo will head just to the north of the western tip of the island. Then, we will go ashore for a short hike to the neighboring village to meet with the local population. We will spend the night in anchorage.

crevette komodo

Day 6

Back to the Labuanbajo port in Flores. After breakfast, we will bid farewell to the crew and you will be transferred to the airport to fly back to Bali or any other destination.

Snorkeling Cruise Komodo with Jinggo Janggo

6 days / 5 nights of snorkeling safari

Departure on Saturdays and return on Thursdays

Day 1

Depart from Denpassar at 8h Arrival at Labuanbajo Airport pickup transfer to the vessel Installation on the vessel, overall information introducing staff. Welcome cocktai. Departure from Labuanbajo. Lunch en route On the way to RINCA, swimming and snorkelling on a small island. Visit of the Rinca traditionnal village, the only on in the island. Sleep in anchorage in the KALONG island, sunset and flying of giant bats.

Day 2

Visit of the dragons in the Rinca island in the morning: Trekking through the Rinca savannah, rich in exceptionnal biodiversity, to encounter hinds, water buffaloes, wild boars, monkeys and the most famous inhabitants of the sites: the monitors or “Komodo dragons”. Visit of the Rinca typical village. Move to the south, swimming and snorkeling on Pantai Merah (Pink beach).

iguane komodo

Day 3

Visit of the dragons and the Komodo island fauna in the morning. Visit of the Komodo village. Trekking through the savannah, to encounter the hinds, the water buffaloes, the wild boars, the monkeys and the monitor or “the dragons of Komodo”. Visit of the Komodo typical village. Stoppage of swimming and snorkeling. Move to Karang Makassar to stay overnight.

corail komodo

Day 4

Dive with the Manta rays in Karang Makassar, and Pulau Bakau. Snorkeling in the GILILAWA DARAT island, island climbing, swimming, and stay overnight.

manta ray komodo

Day 5

Move to the SEBAYOR island, snorkeling, trekking, sunset in the hill, move to the north of KOMODO sleep on the spot in a small bay.


Day 6

Return to Labuabajo in the morning through the small islands of the Komodo park Disembarkment and airport transfer. Departure at 12h to arrive at 14 h in Denpassar.
This journey may be subject to modifications with regards to the weather and your desideratas.

komodo snorkling

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