komodo excursion

A new Komodo excursion offer

Impassioned by these magnificent Indonesian ships, we felt inclined to embark on a new adventure of designing and building a boat on the traditional shipyards of Tana beru in Sulawesia.

Launched in 2015, the construction was completed in September 2017, after 2 years of tremendously hard work.

We have worked to create a skillful mix of local know-how (centuries old), the most modern maritime technologies and our sailing experience in the service of our guests to create a comfortable boat dedicated to the pleasures of the sea. Cruising, relaxing and diving in the strictest respect of our environment.

The Jakaré…

The 35-meter long Jakaré (as named) will offer 5 cabins, each with a private bathroom, air conditioning and all the comforts required for a relaxing stay. Among the common areas of the ship you will find several rest areas, games, and a library. A diving area, solariums on different dedicated decks … allowing privileged access to the beach and the sea at the back of the ship.

Always looking to adapt to the needs of our customers, the duration of the cruises remains flexible, from a few days to 2 weeks!
You will soon find our offers of diving cruises from the Komodo to the most beautiful sea depths of Raja Ampat :